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What I’ve Learned

Throughout this semester, I have learned so much in this graphics class. It has probably taught me more important, relevant information than any other class I’ve taken here so far. Design is more than necessary in advertising (my major) and I feel that this class has developed my eye for design tenfold. Even in the short period of a semester, I think we’ve all developed a personal style, and that is really cool to see in each of our projects. Not only do I have the technical skills for the Adobe programs, but I also have a more critical eye looking at the world and the designs that surround us daily. Simple is better, white space is good, hierarchy. Some rules to live by.

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Final thoughts

I really enjoyed this class- it was one of the toughest ones I had, but I feel like I learned a lot from it. As a writer, I’m not usually in tune with graphic elements, but this class taught me to push myself, be creative and try new and different things. I wish I had more time to devote to the class with other work I had, but I really liked this class and I’m glad I worked as hard as I did for it.

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Jessica Laurello

I really enjoyed my time in graphics. I learned so much and really perfected my skill. I enjoyed your teaching and attention to detail. This class allowed me to learn the basics of design rules and how to apply that to my design ideas.


Overall loved this class!

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